Terroliva Olive Oil Quality


The production process starts by choosing Olives. We still use the delicate Olive trees as our ancestors did. The Olives are hand-picked to ensure a rich harvest of better quality.


Immediately picked olives are transported to a transformation in our mill. Whether it's a first extraction cold, we make sure that the storage of olives is in the best condition and that the transformation is done in the same day.


The transport and storage of the olive oil are under control by our laboratory. Any operation for the production of the olive oil, from the reception of the olives to bottling, is the subject of a rigorous traceability.

Terroliva Quality

Terroliva is engaged in a total quality approach and the continuous development in the fabrication process.

And to guarantee the high quality of olive oil, all the production process are subjected to the quality control dine by experts and certified by external organization certification like ecocert.

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